How Much Do I Need To Sell My Business For?

If your retirement plans are dependent on selling your business, my extremely capable accountancy colleagues at Alextra Group can help you with valuing your business for sale or for shareholder purposes. However, if you are looking to retire in the next few years and the market for selling a business in your sector is not so active you may want to know how you could still be in a position to realise your retirement goals…

This is where our Financial Planning department can add real value to you.

What’s your number?

Retirement planning isn’t just about Pensions and it’s becoming less and less common for people to move from a role where they are working 40 hours per week to suddenly doing nothing. In fact, some people say this could be bad for your health. Retirement planning at its best is about using the resources you have available to you in order to make plans towards setting you and your family up for the future so you can ultimately choose the timing and style of your retirement path.

Your own decisions around retirement might be to completely stop work overnight. Your retirement path might be a gradual slow down of the number of days or hours you put in as you get older in order to ease yourself into it. You may wish to take a career break or change career at some point.  Everyone is different and therefore everyone has their own unique financial needs, depending on their circumstances and desires.

It can be difficult to try and understand what is needed from a financial perspective in order to achieve your dream retirement path. Nevertheless, we can help you understand what is realistic for you. How much money will you need at each stage?

Everyone’s number is unique

We recognise this and in the true style of proper financial planning we can offer a bespoke financial plan for you. We work with our clients to understand what they are trying to achieve, often helping them to map out their goals and visualise their financial future.

Once you can visualise where you would like to be, we will help you determine what you need to do in order to realise your plans, which may include knowing how much extra you need to commit to savings, how much investment risk you should be taking, or indeed how much you would need to sell your business for.

The video links below can give you an idea of how comprehensive a financial plan could be: –

Retirement and beyond

Whilst these examples of detailed plans developed over a number of years, you may wish to keep things simple to start with in order to gain a broad understanding of what your number is.

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A Pension is a long-term investment the fund value may fluctuate and can go down. Your eventual income may depend upon the size of the fund at retirement, future interest rates and tax legislation.


Take Action Now

The best way to plan for your future is to start as soon as possible. To gain clarity on your financial planning journey contact us on awm@alextragroup.co.uk or 01270 250800 and ask to speak to one of our expert financial planners.