Alextra Wealth Management Steps In To Aid Clients Who Have Been “Given The Boot!”


Clients of other firms told their custom is no longer required


We have been contacted by several people in August and September who have told us that two separate wealth management practices in the Cheshire and Staffordshire area have formally written to them to inform them that their custom is no longer desired, due to their investment and/or pensions funds being less than £200,000 or £250,000 respectively.


One customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us “I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I opened their letter! I was literally, in polite words, given the boot! I’ve never been sacked as a customer before!. I thought my business would be more valuable than ever post covid-19 with all companies hungry for revenue from customers large or small, but apparently my investment and subsequent management fees were not sizeable enough. I double checked in case I had gone mad, but I have just under £200,000 investment capital, so I was surprised I was told that it was “no longer financially viable for us to offer you our services” with a cheque returning the annual fee I had just paid them”.


Alextra Wealth Management would like to advise any people that find themselves in the same situation to please get in contact as regardless of portfolio size, we are happy to discuss your situation, needs and circumstances. We welcome an initial free, no obligation discussion regardless of the size of the capital or portfolio. We would be pleased to step in and assist these customers who now need help, or indeed any customer that would like to explore options for the first time. We believe everyone should have a financial plan – A road map designed especially for you showing you which direction you are heading. Trust us to be your compass and guide, providing you with expert financial planning advice on what move to make and which turn to take next, helping you find the best route to financial freedom.


Do you feel like just another number with your existing financial adviser firm? Is your existing adviser really independent?


We provide truly personal and independent financial advice and strive to work with you whether you are looking to ‘build’, ‘protect’, ‘manage’ or ‘pass on’ your wealth. Serving the Cheshire and Staffordshire community with over 20 years’ experience we are a growing business looking to help as many families and business owners as we can to get on track to achieving their financial goals: –


Alextra Wealth Management have clients who have retired 4 years earlier than originally first thought possible because they worked with us to understand where their finances were heading. We work with numerous business owners who are looking to extract as much profit from their business as possible and reduce their Corporation Tax bills. Perhaps you need to make sure your family will be looked after financially should the worst happen to you? We can help with this.


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We’d love to hear from you so please do get in touch on 01270 250800 or planningteam@alextragroup.co.uk to arrange an initial financial planning discussion to see how we can help you.